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Multicolority of Barvinkivshchyna at One Exhibition: Realistic, Abstract and Philosophical Paintings

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Віктор ВолковExhibition of paintings and graphics, Periwinkle Colors (Barvy Barvіnkovі) was opened on March 5, 2013, in the Regional Center of Culture and Art. The exhibition is very rich thematically. The artists presented to the visitors the landscape paintings of Crimea and Barvinkove, abstract paintings and philosophical themes. The event is included to the series of art exhibitions and presentations of districts and towns of Kharkiv region.

Strong Traditions of Painting

Barvinkove district is rich in talented artists. Maria Rayevska-Ivanova, the first-ever artist in the Russian Empire who received a diploma, Ivan Makogin, the sculptor and Honored Artist of Ukraine, Ivan Plis, the local historian and artist, and Stepan Yarovyi, the landscape artist, were all born in Barvinkivshchyna (TN: Ukrainian for Barvinkove district).

‘The synopsis of Svyatogorsk monastery contains a mention of the founding of Barvinkove ​​ town and the following sentence: ‘A skilful artist, who taught people to paint, lived in Sloboda’, head of the Cultural Department of the Barvinkove District Administration, Yuri Troyan said. ‘I hope that our region is a creative source that never runs dry and will continue to grow.’

Today, there are two children’s music schools in Barvinkivshchyna, and there are art departments. Students have already held their exhibitions in Kharkiv. The task of the organizers of the exhibition Periwinkle Colors was to present the work of artists of the older generation.

Барви Барвінкові

Multicolority of the Exhibition

Around three dozen works by six artists working in different genres of painting (landscape, portrait, abstract work) are presented in the exhibition

For example, the ​​Crimean landscape is depicted in the pictures by Victor Lysycia, the native of Barvinkove town. For most of his life, the artist lived in Crimea and devoted his work to it, but he has returned to the native land in his later years. In addition, the exhibition presents his philosophical works My Christening and What is the Truth.

Lilia Gniyevska, the only woman artist, whose works are on display, is also a master of folk art and professional silk painting.

The paintings by Yuri Vekshynskyi are somewhat different in themes and genre from other authors’ realistic works. His works are semi-abstract, so the image is explained in the titles Magic Night (Magichna Nich), Come Together, Morning of the New Day (Ranok Novogo Dnia), and other paintings.

Yuri Kostin depicts native Barvinkivshchyna and its natural wealth in his realistic landscapes.

Віктор Волков

The Color Scheme Depends on the Weather Conditions

Unfortunately, at the opening of Periwinkle Colors exhibition only one author, Viktor Volkov was present. Victor Leontiyovych lived and worked in Latvia in the late 1980s, adopting the artists’ experience there. This exhibition presents the works of the artist’s Baltic period and the pictures painted in Ukraine. The difference between them can be easily seen. It is the color.

‘The Baltic period in my work is significant for that all of the paintings are based on dark gray and warm brown tones. The color scheme in Latvia is very different from the Ukrainian,’ the artist Viktor Volkov says. ‘The sun appears rarely there, the cloudy weather prevails. The whole painting art of Latvian artists is based on gray-brown tones. Using other colors means that the artist is away from the reality which he lives in. Although sometimes some artists use rich vibrant colors to compensate for lack of natural light. There is nothing to compensate for in Ukraine. There is much more color and light. It is impossible to portray our vibrant, colorful landscapes with gray colors. They can be drawn for a lifetime.’

Барви Барвінкові

Exhibition of the artists from Barvinkove is a gift for the Women’s Day.

‘Just yesterday, we were in a museum remembering eve of March 8 in Barvinkivshchyna, in the context of exhibition of the women artists,’ Valentyna Myzgina, director of the KharkivArt Museum, said. ‘The first feminine name mentioned yesterday was the name of Maria Rayevska-Ivanova, who was born and spent her youth in Barvinkivshchyna. This was the first woman in the Russian Empire who got the title of an artist at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. Previously, women could paint beautifully, embroider, but they did not get the title of artist. In addition, all museum workers appreciate that the first Art and Industry Museum of Left-Bank Ukraine was established in Kharkiv thanks to Maria Rayevska-Ivanova’s efforts. I do not travel around Kharkiv region with mobile exhibitions now and, unfortunately, I’m not familiar with the regional artists. And so many paintings in this exhibition have become my real pleasant discovery.’

The Yarmarok folk music ensemble (Volodymyr Geiko is the director) brought elation at the opening, and the standing dinner from organizers contributed to informal atmosphere of pleasant socializing.

The exhibition runs till March 25, 2013, at the Exhibition Hall of the 1st floor (Kharkiv, vul. Pushkinska 62)

Open hours: 10.00 to 17.30, Monday - Saturday.

Organizers of the exhibition: the Kharkiv Regional Organizing and Methodic Center of Culture and Art, the Department of Culture and Tourism of Barvinkove District Council, the BarvinkoveMuseum, ‘Cooperatives of Kharkiv Region’.

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