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Information and Publishing Department


Information and Publishing Department has been working in the following areas:

• information and methodological support for;

• Public Relations and Media;

• publication of printed matter relating to the implementation of the Centre;

• methodical, consultative and technical assistance to District agencies and departments of information and culture in creating websites and pages on the Internet.

main objective of the Information and Publishing Division - to promote a positive image OOMTSKM, extension of its business units, "recognition" target audience of the cultural sector and broad population groups, to inform the public and authorities about the activities OOMTSKM , information support civic initiatives and major events held at the OOMKTSM, publication of teaching materials to assist the management of district culture houses and amateur groups and artists.

main function of the information and publishing department: to inform the general public about the activities of the Center for Culture and Art by:

• train and deploy operational, current and background information on the sites and

• a set of measures to promote these sites

• use of modern PR-technologies in the media: television and radio, Internet, video, information dissemination to a mass audience through mass media channels

• establishment of friendly and business relations with journalists, national and local media

• brochures, booklets, methodological literature, reflecting the activity OOMTSKM

The department created archive of publications, photographs and videos. your social media marketing partner