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Exhibition of Unusual Works There is a Golden Town under Blue Sky – December 6, 2012 – January 19, 2

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Виставка An exhibition of unusual works by two masters, Oleksandr Kanishchev and Sergiy Filipov, was opened at the Center of Culture and Art. The first of them has presented unusual exhibit of traditional levkas, the second has presented new ornamental works. Sacral marks and symbols, which are specific to art of both, joined them at the same exhibition hall.

Виставка Emergence of the first symbols and marks, drawing of the simplest geometric figures are referred to the earliest time, they are the first embodied abstract form, the evidence of development of human imagery thinking. The circle was the first to appear in archaic societies. "Invention" of a square and rectangle is referred to the ancient Sumerian and Accadian civilization. The emergence of the cross is owed to the ancient Egyptian culture, according to the scientists.

In modern society, the simplest ancient symbols are ascribed to have sacred sense. Study of the symbolic meanings, their influence to the human have become an impulse to artistic search for the authors of the new exhibition and have been embodied in unique works as time went.

Oleksandr Kanishchev: All This is a Prank, a Farce, but It Looks Ethnic

Олександр КаніщевA Kharkovite and a musician Oleksandr Kanishchev presented his collection of wooden sculptures and panels, made in the technique of carving and painting on gesso (special ground, which is laid on the wood and is commonly used in iconography). The author reveals images of ancient deities, totem animals, and depicts iconic characters, reconstructs a series of ancient coins in his works.

Oleksandr Kanishchev did not share the secret of his technical skills, believing that only the end product of creativity should be shown to the public.

'I exhibited four expositions, four conceptual objects. My works are a modern art, performed in an archaic manner, in order to attach weight to it,' - Oleksandr says. 'I've always thought that modern artists do not have enough perseverance and respect for the public. They use primitive ways of expressing themselves and talk about their works, rather than create some integral pieces. I also consider myself a modern artist. In fact, my works are a kind of prank, farce. It just looks to be in folk-manner, and it doesn't provoke rejection in anyone.'

Сергій ФіліповSergiy Filipov: I'm a Disciple of My Own Subconscious

Sergiy Filipov, another painter, whose works are on display, positions himself as an artist, poet and researcher of the human spiritual world. He works in the original technique of character graphics. His works represent the mandalas, ornamental images which should be contemplated in a special state of consciousness and perceived intuitively. Thin lines and filigreed images, extraordinary thoroughness in approach to the work and self-dedication (artist paints 12 hours a day) evokes respect for the author. Magnifying glasses are attached to the paintings on display for better examining all the depicted signs and symbols.

Виставка 'First I drew with ink, and then I switched to acrylic paint. Now I need to work only with acrylic, standard pen, cardboard and a little with a gel pen,' the artist told.

The exhibition includes the works which Sergiy Filipov has been painting for 10 years. Human is the main theme of his works. He shows the human as a riddle, a secret, portraying the human spiritual essence. All author's works have philosophical titles which reflect various components of human existence: Space and Time, Infinite Space, Liberty, etc.

Irrational attitudes towards the work, based on intuition and following the deep aspirations, prevent the author to teach others his skills, conduct workshops and perform painting orders.

'I have a teacher – my subconscious. I learn from it, I'm its disciple,' Filipov said. 'I sometimes get an order of a portrait, but my subconscious decides itself what I'll draw. Many people suggest me to hold workshops. But I don't know how to hold a workshop. I can't explain how it goes to draw the pictures.'

Виставка The exhibition includes a self-portrait, painted in 2008. The artist calls it his 'reflection at the energy level'. The work is named Pilgrim.

Traditional Gesso and New Ornamental Painting: Expert Opinion

'The exhibition is indeed very unusual. A similar exhibition has never been held in Kharkiv,' – the director of the Art Museum, Valentyna Vasylivna Myzgina said. 'Two painters are connected by a sense of decoration, distinct meaning, while having their own author line. The symbols reproduced earlier (pentagrams, Egyptian life crosses, Buddhist OM sign in Sanskrit) take an entirely different meaning in Oleksandr Kanishchev's interpretation. They are filled with the strength of wood, gesso, they acquire greater monumentality and look very stylish and unified. Sergiy Filipov impresses with incredible ability for work and imagery in the ornamentation. We are used to the patterns reflecting the codes which are familiar to us. We know what rectangle, circle mean... These symbols have been composed for thousands of years, including those in Ukrainian art. We understand the symbols. Thus, when we look at the works of modern or old ornamental painters, we can decipher them. Works by Sergiy Filipov are very difficult for us to decipher them. But this beauty, this jewelry full of meaning, which is known only to the author, no doubt, brings amazement and admiration. This exhibition is the discovery of two different artists, two individuals.'

Виставка Oleksandr Galytsia, the director of the Kharkiv Center of Chinese Culture, also shared his impressions: 'I met Sergiy Filipov, an extraordinary man and a talented artist, in 2009 at a seminar in Gurzuf,' Oleksandr said. 'I noticed that the thoroughness and accuracy of his technique is very similar to the style of Chinese masters. The artist draws each bar skillfully and accurately. Sergiy is not familiar with Chinese technique, and he's heard nothing about it, but he's found the way intuitively to express his inner world in this way.'

The exhibition will be held from December 6, 2012 till January 19, 2013 at the Exhibition Hall of the 1st floor, vul. Pushkinska, 62, Kharkiv.

Visiting hours: 10.00 to 17.30, closed on Sundays.

Written by: Margaryta Izvarina

Photo by: Valentyna Belousova

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