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About the Center

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Culture is one of the factors forming the individual’s mindset and national identity, spiritual and universal.

Correlation of the local cultural processes with the world cultural context is an important principle of the modern cultural policy. It is necessary to compare comprehension, planning and management of the local cultural events with international level of the problems and challenges. Presence in the cultural and political map of the world requires combining the conceptions of organization and management of the cultural processes with the world strategies and programmes.

The Kharkiv Regional Organizing and Methodical Center of Culture and Art is established to form the unified cultural, artistic and informational space of Kharkiv region.

Basing on the surveillance studies and cultural peculiarities of the Kharkiv region population, the staff of the Center has determined the main mission and priorities:

  1. To preserve cultural heritage of the region, recreate the gone and provide conditions for work of the amateur groups and craftsmen.
  2. To promote formation of the unified social and cultural space of the region.
  3. To render practical, organizing and methodic help to the district authorities and cultural institutions in arrangement of the mass festivals, traditional celebrations and contests.

The main areas of the Center activity are the following:

  1. Arrangement and establishment of the organizing and methodic support of the cultural activities in the region.
  2. Formation of the unified information space of the regional culture through development of the multi-information network, large information portals and products.
  3. Establishment of the strategic development center of the media planning and media policy for implementation of the system media projects aiming to broadcast and present the cultural events of Kharkiv region on the Internet, as well as creation of the mass-art-media models of the new-type cultural networks.
  4. Promotion of the traditional folk culture and amateur art activities in the rural areas, recreation of the Culture Centers.
  5. Development of the courses for practical mastering of Ukrainian craftwork and its regeneration. Preservation of the existing crafts centers, their raw materials base, providing conditions for efficient work of the craftsmen.
  6. Establishment, development and modernization of the cultural institutions network in Kharkiv region, providing additional conditions for expansion of the creative capabilities of people in the region through reconstruction of the existing and establishment of the new regional cultural institutions and support of the artistic groups as the representatives of the professional art.
  7. Promotion of the amateur artistic genres, development of the policies and holding regional contests, festivals of the traditional folk culture and craftwork.
  8. Suggestion and organization of the performances of the best art groups, performers and craftsmen in the national and international contests and festivals of the traditional folk culture.
  9. Preservation of the complex cultural resources, support of the cultural trends.
  10. Expansion of the interregional and international cooperation.                  
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