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Vocal and choral groups

People's Chorus of the folk song "Source"


Established team in December 1970, the national title was awarded by December 12, 1995, is based on Balakliysky District House of Culture.

The repertoire of the group more than 450 choral works: Ukrainian and Russian folk song "Oh hop, Hopak", "Play skrypalyku" and other choral works by Ukrainian and Russian authors' Banduryste, eagle dove " "gold braid", freckles, dances and songs "Oh, gray cuckoo" in the mod. M. Leontovich, "Pavochka walks" in the mod. A. Avdeyevka et al.

team consists of 30 permanent members of all ages.

head band - Pasyeka Roman Sviatoslavych, running since October 2004 choirmaster norodnoho choir "Source." Pasyeka R. combines the creative life of the administrative, since 2000 has been the Director Balakleysky Children Music School. In 2007 he became a Fellow of the Kharkiv regional state administration in the field of Culture and Arts. Gnat Khotkevych in category "Culture».

team actively participates in regional, district and cultural events.

In 2005, the Folk Choir "Source" has been successfully made in the national festival of folk art named. A. P Mistyukova "You, Russia, and heart, and my song».

In 2006 took part in the cultural program of the VI International Kursk Korenskaya Fair (m Kursk, Russia), and in 2007 - festival program Sorochynsky National Fair, held in the village. Mhar Mirgorod district, Poltava region.

People's group folk song "Merry Sloboda»

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Founded in 1999, the national title was awarded by June 8, 2005. The team is based on Balakliysky District House of Culture.

The repertoire of the ensemble of more than 30 Ukrainian folk songs and their arrangements of "Oh oak green box", "Zeleneye rye," "Oh, under a cherry tree" and others., works of local authors' Zhuravochka "muses . Yanovsky, "Sunflower" music. Haivorons'kyi M. et al.

team consists of 10 participants aged 13-16 years and training groups: high - "Zoretsvit" (10 pers.) and two junior "Spivanochky" and "Lelechenky».

Manager - Tatyana A. Sherstyuk, operating since 2000 head of the group. With hard work and personal contribution to the aesthetic education of the younger generation was awarded diplomas of the Culture and Tourism and the Department of Education Kharkiv regional state administration, diplomas nationwide festival "By training participants' diplomas of Culture and Tourism Balakleysky State Administration

team actively participates in regional, district and village cultural activities.

in 2005 received the Grand Prix at the International Competition-Festival of Choral Music. F. Shaliapin in Yalta and participated in the national festival "Golden overtone", which took place in Dnipropetrovsk.

National Male Choir of Great Patriotic War veterans and work them. AS Maselskoho


chapel is based on Valkovskoy District People's House "spark." Created in honor of 30th anniversary of Victory Day in 1975, was awarded the national title in 1977.

Repertoire team has a lot of people, frontline songs: "My Thoughts" Eng. born. song, "Tropak" Eng. born. song, "Soldiers 41» A.Aleksandrova, "Victory prazdnuet people" M. Kaminsky et al., classics "Many Years" Prokofiev, "Victory Day" D.Tuhmanova et al., songs of modern Ukrainian and foreign Composers' Funikuli - funikulya "music. Bottom, Arrangement V.Irhy.

The composition of the team includes veterans of war and labor veterans. Today the number of staff on average 40 people.

Manager team - leather Vasily, professor, head of horoznavstva and choral conducting Kharkiv State Academy of Culture, Honored Worker of Culture and Arts of Ukraine. Head of National Male Choir is open from November 1989 roku.Kolektyv actively participates in regional, district and village cultural activities.

in 2004 was represented by a high mastery of the choir in the reporting concert artists on the stage of the Kharkiv National Palace "Ukraine" (Kiev), the art event "Slobozhanska Call." During his long career Choir performed at the concert halls of Moscow, Kazan, Volgograd, Kerch, St. Petersburg, Lviv, Transcarpathia, and always leave good memories of the audience.

People's Chorus Olexandrivs'ke rural House of Culture


Established 1984, based on Rural House Olexandrivs'ke culture Valkovskoy District, received the national title in 1990.

The repertoire of collective Ukrainian, Russian songs and data copyright songs, "Teren, a round house" Eng. born. song, "From under oak" grew. born. song, "Oh, for lawn, the lawn" Eng. born. song, "Moe field, the field" music. V.Filipenka, SL. Reva, "son" music. T.Vovkotrub et al.)

Attendance varied, but the number it has always been sufficient on average 20-25 people.

Manager team - Andrew P. Tibor was awarded diplomas of Kharkiv Regional State Administration and Regional Council, working in the farm club of the establishment of the choir.

team takes an active part not only in the region and the region but also beyond. Performed in Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv and Transcarpathian regions. Member of the First Round of the National Choral Competition im.M.Leontovycha.

National Women's vocal ensemble "Zoryanochka"


founded in 1987 based on Dergachivsky District House of Culture, was awarded the title People in 1994.

The repertoire of the group are the best examples of vocal art, namely, Ukrainian, Russian folk songs and their processing works by famous composers and local author of "How would I could embroider" Eng. born. song, "Brown eyes, black eyebrows" Eng. born. song, "White cherёmuha" grew. born. song, "Spring" by Karl Maria SL. A. Overbeck, "Evening Star" R.Shuman, "Draw me a night" music. Skorikov, SL. M. Petrenko et al.

It includes nine members of large fans song creation.

Since 1998, manages the team - Sorochuk Yaroslav talented spravy.Za their dedicated work in arts in 2004 he was awarded the title "Honored Artist of Ukraine».

team takes a very active participation in the district, they are permanent members of regional and rural cultural events, the winners of many competitions and reviews of amateur.

People's Chorus Zolochiv District House of Culture

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Established 1930, based on Zolochiv District House of Culture, "national" was in 1967.

The repertoire of the collective, Ukrainian and Russian folk songs: "Oh garden vine," "Oh went Berezhechkom" and others., classical works and works of famous composers 'Welcome' music. A. Pashkevich, SL. V. Kryschenko, "My Dear Mother" music. P. Maiboroda, SL. A. Baby, "I Wood" music. and SL. H.Zavolokina et al., As well as arrangements of folk songs famous choirmaster Slobodian John Bidaka "Hylya, hylya gray geese," "I am happy since birth" and others.

quantitative composition of the 30 people mostly cultural workers aged 30 - 60 years.

head band - Kobzev Sergey is working in that position Jan. 15, 2005, awarded the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

team takes a very active participation in the district. They are regular participants of the regional and district cultural and artistic activities. Repeatedly invited to speak at the regional radio and television.

Folk Ensemble "Stozhary»

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Established in 1972 under the direction of V. Rehera based Zolochiv District House of Culture, the national title was in 1983. Since 1988, the old name of "national amateur ensemble patriotic song" changes in people's vocal ensemble "Stozhary».

repertoire is exclusively national color. This is the author of classic of Ukrainian music, composers Ivasiuk, John Karabits, Igor Set, Romance Savitsky, namely the song "Song is among us", "My love, my land," "Hutsul Girl" and others., Ukrainian folk songs in the processing Anatoly Avdeyevka, Michael Dovhanych "Whose horse is," "Oh, in a cherry garden" and others.

The ensemble - the intelligentsia of the village. These teachers Zolochiv school number 1, music schools, employees of the central hospitals and cultural workers.

Manager - Nataliya Kucherenko. Head works in April 2007 and in 2001 became an active member of the ensemble.

Ensemble "Stozhary" leads an active creative life, and participate in regional, district and village cultural events, festivals.

participants of contest "Living Water" - 2005, visiting village concert. Kolomak, festivities in Kobylyaky Poltava region, concerts neighboring regions of Russia.

Folk Ensemble Bandura Krasnogradsky District House of Culture


Founded in 1955, based on Krasnogradsky District House of Culture, the honorary title of "national" was awarded in 1961.

At the core repertoire of Ukrainian, Russian folk, domestic copyright songs: "Hey, my brother," "the garden walk," "On the Don Cossack hulyaet the young", "Cossacks kin" "Love Ukraine" music. V.Voloschuka, SL. V.Sosyury, "My Krasnograd" music. V.Voloschuka, SL. V.Sorokina et al.

team consists of 26 participants of different ages and different professions.

Head - Vladimir N. Voloshchuk manages national Bandura Ensemble since 1973. In 1998, the Decree of President of Ukraine Volodymyr M. for achievements in work, high professionalism was awarded the honorary title "Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine».

creative way the team has numerous district, regional, and international reviews of festivals and holidays.

In May 2003 the ensemble won the Grand Prix V interregional festival of "You Russia and heart, and my song" named Honored Artist of Russia AP Mistyukova in Lipetsk.

in 2005 - Krasnogradsky kobza winners and winners of the Audience Award Third International Folklore Festival "Milzkalne - 2005" (Latvia).

People's Chorus of Veterans Novovodolazhsky District House of Culture

founded in 1989 based on Novovodolazhsky District House of Culture, "national" was in 1992.

The repertoire of the choir songs of Russian and Ukrainian composers, a huge arsenal of Ukrainian folk, humorous, Cossack and other songs: "Song of Ukraine", "Cossacks in Berlin," "Song of the Sky," " a poli willow "," Kozak walks "and others.

team consists of 25 singers most of which are involved in the fighting.

Manager - Sorochuk Yaroslav, Honored Artist of Ukraine, operates the national chorus of veterans since 2002.

staff conducts an active creative life, and participate in regional, district and cultural events.

Members of the regional review-competition "Slobozhanska Call", the regional festival choirs Veterans' Remember those days "(Kharkiv).

People's Chorus "Zaspiv»

Established in 1978, at the Palace of Culture and Technology Lozova kovalno-mechanical plant, now the palace of culture. "National" was in 1984.

repertoire consists of Ukrainian folk songs and works of contemporary authors to norodnoho chorus: "Oh, to grow and dry oak", "Jihav Cossacks from Ukraine," 'May towels "," Otzovytes, fellow soldiers "" The Song my star "and others.

Number of members of the choir - 48 people aged 17 - 70 years, a college student Lozova culture, pensioners and employees. Leader - Gennady Y. Savenko directs the choir since 1987. Since 1991 is teaching the Chorus in Lazovsky school culture, and since 1997 - Deputy Director of Education. Savchenko GY awarded diplomas Regional Directorate of Culture 2001., the Ministry of Culture and Arts of Ukraine, 2002., Regional Administration, 2003.

team actively participates in regional, district and cultural events. May 28, 2006 was the winner of the XV International Festival of Choral Vocal Art "Kalyna singing" in Kirovograd.

People's vocal ensemble "Boyanychi»

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founded in 1985 based on Chuguivsky District House of Culture, "national" was in 1987.

repertoire consists of folk songs and songs written by composer Yuri conversation, namely: "Dunechku, Danube," "Oh Moon," "Pour godmother," "Mother's eyes," "Santa goes ».

quantitative composition of the 25 people of all ages.

Manager - Danyluk Alexander, he also worked as art director Chuguivsky RBC.

team actively participates in regional, district and cultural events. Members of the regional review of competition "Slobozhanska Call" (2003), regional events in the Kharkov Academic Opera and Ballet. Lysenko: Ukraine's Independence Day, International Women's Day March 8, Day of Cooperatives, Agriculture and other concerts

People's Chorus city House of culture "Chemist»

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Established in 1974 at the Municipal House of Culture "chemist" of Pervomaysk, "national" was in 1990.

repertoire consists of processing the Ukrainian and Russian folk songs, works of world classics, vocal and choreographic composition "beetle", "Mother's cherry", "Rowan, ryabynushka", "Bessonnytsa" and others. < /p>

The number of participants - 38 people of all ages and professions. When the choir created male and female ensembles, duets, trios.

Manager - Galina Horbylova Ilarionivna, directs the choir since 1981. Awarded diplomas Regional Department of Culture, City of Culture.

team actively participates in regional, district and cultural events.

In 2002, the Folk Choir was winner of the Open festival of Russian folk creativity "Talytsa" Kharkiv. 2003, marked by participation in the gala concert Regional Competition-folk "Slobozhanska Call." In 2004 the team made the small stage "Great Slobozhansky Fair».

People's Chorus "Lark»
Kharkiv National Agrarian University. V. Dokuchaev


Established in 1982, "national" was in 1992. The repertoire of the group of over 250 works. These folk songs, copyright song in processing M. Leontovich, Mykola Lysenko, A. Avdeyevka, A.Pashkevycha, I. slush, "Oh departed star," "God is great, the only", "Arise, Cossack glory," in including processing A. Dudka "Oh for cherry," "a poli three krynychenky", "Marigolds." The number of participants 27 people of different ages and different professions. Director - Anatoly pipe in September 1984 he worked with the choir as accompanist, and since February 1997 as head of his head.

team actively participates in regional, district and cultural events. A trip to Russia and Hungary.

Regional Art Association of Composers amateur


Regional Art Association of Composers amateur Kharkiv was founded in 1949 by the regional House of Folk Arts.

Currently it has more than 15 participants. It should be noted that although people of different professions, but they firmly unites the love of music, capturing the process of its creation.

Twice a month held workshops run by the Honored Artist of Ukraine, Volodymyr M. Ptushkin. Each of these seminars and listen in detail discussed the songs and instrumental works by members of the association, given advice, express recommendations. Each year is considered about 150 works. In particular song lyric, about sports, hometown of Kharkov, and public works direction.

union members: Vladimir Gaidamak, Alexander Sergienko, Andrew Yefymov, Andrei Samoilenko, Vitaly Kirpatovskyy, Natalia Sapko, Vyacheslav Babeshko, Alexander Zhuravlev, Vasily Kovalenko, Sergey Klinger, Vladimir Pyenkin and other.

Each year composers speak to their fans with a creative report concert, it works as do most authors, and professional artists, laureates of international competitions.

Supporting amateur vocal and choral groups

Amateur male group "Chumak» Bliznyukovsky District House of Culture. Director - Peter P. Zakharchuk

Amateur female ensemble "Slobozhanochka» Parhomivskoho Rural Culture House Krasnokutskyi area. Manager - Tatyana D. Rozhkova.

amateur children's vocal ensemble "Swallow» Palace of Culture village Komsomol Zmiivsky area. Manager - Kopylova Lyudmila.

Amateur vocal ensemble "Rodoslav» s. Old Merchyk, Valkovsky area. Manager - Gubsky Nikolai.

amateur vocal group "Pearl» Shevchenko District House of Culture. The manager - Tatiana Goncharova.

Amateur vocal ensemble "vociferous» Pervomaisky District House of Culture. Manager - Galina V. Snyehur.