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Laboratory studies of the Intangible Cultural Heritage

Laboratory studies of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Regional organizational and methodical center of culture and art continues the tradition of folklore laboratory Kharkiv regional center of folk art, founded in 1992 to establish a fund of folklore results of our region. Currently the fund is kept around 150 Gb folk recordings of fixed assets, including copies of the private funds of Kharkiv folklorists, collectors, 52 tape reels (also translated into digital format), transcripts of any text, photo and video materials of folklore groups area.

main tasks, functions and activities of the laboratory studies of the Intangible Cultural Heritage

Preservation of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Slobodian through constant zbyratsko research and education, namely:

• of folklore and ethnographic expeditions, conferences and seminars for folklorists, collectors, heads the field of folklore;

• publication of folklore and ethnographic materials (audio and video recordings, notation, text, descriptions of rituals and customs to fund new laboratories and expeditions, expedition reports and photographs) on OOMTSKM, in publications on modern electronic media;

• transfer of fund records in digital format, further control over the storage, copying and fund its new materials;

• promotion of intangible cultural heritage within the entertainment and educational events: festivals, concerts and on television, radio, print media;

• provide consultations to the leaders of folk groups in shaping the repertoire to work with stock materials, work in organizing the collection and systematization of folk records.