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Folk Groups Kharkiv region

Amateur folk ensemble "Lozovenchanka" village Lozovenka Balakliysky area.

Amateur folk ensemble Lozovenchanka

The team was founded in 1965, working at Lozovenkivskomu country club. In 2010 awarded the honorary title of "People". Head - Gregory Vera Stefanovna.

team follows and plays the folk traditions of Russian immigrants Balakliyschyny. The repertoire of the ensemble - many lyrical, horovodni, calendar songs, old Russian rites. Throughout its 45-year activity group was repeatedly awarded with diplomas, thanks, certificates of participation in regional, regional and international events, including: International Festival of Traditional Culture "penance", International Festival of Folk Art Competition "Talytsa" Etnofestival "Pecheniz'ke field ".

Amateur folk ensemble "Russkaya song»
village Petrivske Balakliysky area.

Amateur folk ensemble

team was founded in 1956 on the basis of Peter's house rural culture, "national" group received in 1986. It has a rich tradition in the implementation stage of the ancient Russian customs, songs. Living in town - come from Kursk and Orel regions of Russia. Town Petrivske is the center of traditional Russian culture, which from generation to generation passed ancestral traditions.

The repertoire of collective fragments of ritual wedding, christening, "Russkie posydelky" Christmas songs, dances, Trinity.

composition of the group: Adult group - 14 members, children - 5 uchasnykiv.Kerivnyk ensemble - Fedorchenko Tatyana A., Director, Agriculture House of Culture Village. Petrivske. The team actively participates in regional, rural and regional cultural events.

Amateur folk group "Sharivchanka
village Sharovka Bogoduhivskogo District.


team formed in 1971 when Sharivskomu farmhouse culture. "National" was in 2011 head - Saturday Alexander, who also takes care of children's team-companion "Dzhereltse." With years of existence to the core of the band joined immigrants from Ukraine, so the repertoire is currently dominated by popular folk songs, performed and local folklore. At the same time each member-pereselenok remember and perform "their" tradition. The band - playing in the International Festival of Traditional Culture "penance" etnofestivalyu "Pecheniz'ke field" winter festival calendar "Svyatovyd" Regional festival of song and ritual folklore "Midsummer Today and tomorrow John", was awarded honorary diplomas of the regional and district level.

Amateur folk ensemble village Sands
Radkivski Borowski area.

folk group of the Ukrainian song was created in 1979, the title of "national" was awarded in 1986.

repertoire includes more than 200 ceremonial and folk songs, ceremonies, "reaping," "Christmas Eve", "Wedding".

for many years was head of Larissa A. Kovalenko, an active member of the team from the beginning of its foundation. Currently the group is headed by Valentina V. Chuyko.

In 15 adult staff members. When the team is a satellite group of 12 children, which has its own repertoire. Participants engaged in group activities zbyratskoyu. Folk group participates in the nationwide, regional and local cultural events, "Great Slobozhansky Fair," "Today - Midsummer, and tomorrow - John" International Festival of Traditional Culture "penance" etnofestivalyu "Pecheniz'ke field."

Amateur folk-ethnographic group "Merchanochka»
rural New Merchyk Valkovskoy area.

Amateur folk-ethnographic group

team created by Novomerchytskomu country club in 1984 called "Sadivnytsya", "national" was in 1988. Since 1996 the group renamed "Merchanochku".

repertoire of original local lyrical folk songs and calendar events - carols, Christmas, spring, wedding, harvest song, Kupala. Participants recreated almost all known Slobozhanshchyna ordinances.

composition of the group - 36 participants of different age and profession. When the ensemble always has children's group-based satellite Novomerchytskoyi school. The head band Honored Worker of Ukraine, the initiator of its creation Gubsky Nikolai - known in Kharkiv amateur folklorist. Nikolai also manages and two more bands (see below), actively reviving compiled their own efforts etnohrafichnyy local material.

Team "Merchanochka" - participant of the "Solar Clarinets", winner of the Ukrainian festival-competition of national and patriotic songs, "Will-97," International Festival for Traditional Folk Culture "penance," one of the winners of TV "Folkmyuzik" (2009). Since 2002 year - the annual party "National Sorochynsky fair." Also, the staff actively participates in regional, provincial and community cultural events, has award regional and district state administration, the Department of Culture and Tourism.

Amateur folk group "Melnychany"
village Melnikov Valkovskoy area.

Amateur folk group The team was created in 1991 by Melnykivskomuo country club, "national" was awarded in 1994.

Repertoire - local songs and rites of a total of over 250 units.

team has 30 members. An important contribution to the development team made a veterans group, folk singer Vera Bezditko Mitrofanovna, Wolf Lidia Ivanovna, Vera Novikova. At the core of the team in the ensemble is a group of children.

Amateur folk group Leader of the team also honored worker of culture of Ukraine Gubsky Nikolai. Over the years, the group he participated in the International Festival of Traditional Folk Culture "penance" in 1995, performed concerts in the Carpathian Mountains. Along with "Merchanochkoyu" participated and won the TV "Folkmyuzik" (2009), a regular participant "National Sorochynsky fair".


Amateur folk ensemble "Sloboda"
village n Lozova Dergachivsky area.

Amateur folk Ensemble

ensemble founded in 1995 by Ruskolozivskomu country club, the title of "People" awarded in 2002. Team revives the best authentic samples of the traditional culture of Russian settlers Slobodian recreates ancient celebrations and ceremonies that day life in the village: "Christmas Eve", "Oil", "Ivan Kupala", "Trinity," "Savior". The team has a bright antique ethnographic costumes, which more than 100 years.

In the 15 adult staff members and 6 children. Manages team of Tatiana Fomina Afanasiyivna, which is also an initiator of the group. For its part collected valuable local folk repertoire, performed by the ensemble, restored rites "svyatok", "Wedding", "Maslenitsa", "Savior".

Amateur folk ensemble The team is actively involved in the life of the district and region. Permanent member of regional events: "Big Slobozhansky Fair," "Midsummer Today and tomorrow John", "Wedding in Malinovka" and others. In 2002 the team participated in the International Festival "The Trinity" new village Hallows Voronezh region (Russia). Also, the ensemble is a member of regional and international festivals held in Kharkiv region - "Talytsa" Etnofestival "Pecheniz'ke field", International Festival of Traditional Culture "penance".

Amateur folk ensemble "Keeper"
village Pisarevka Zolochiv area.


team created in 1986 by Pysarivskomu country club, "national" was awarded in 1989.

This team has a repertoire of ancient ceremonies called "Bryk," which played in the manners of the village Pisarevka and ordinances "Oil", "Ukrainian Wedding," "Midsummer." < /p>

ensemble consists of 10 carriers of the ancient traditions of his village. Followers of song and ritual folklore village Pisarevka child is a satellite group consisting of children aged 10 to 16 years.

head band - Honoured Worker of Culture of Ukraine Klimenko Zinaida Ivanovna. The group has many awards and honorary awards for preservation and revival of Ukrainian customs, traditions, and for active participation in district and regional festivals.

Amateur youth folklore group "Turtledove"
village Odnorobivka Zolochiv area.

n_amat08 n_amat07

youth folklore group "Turtledove" created in 1999. Members of the ensemble - teachers, housewives, students, students who like Ukrainian song. In 2001 the team was awarded the title "national". The head of the group - Marina A. Kononenko.

The repertoire of the group calendar, ritual and lyrical songs of the terrain and Slobodian as a whole. Most of the musical repertoire of the band members recorded in folklore expeditions. Participants team restored the tradition of celebrating "Maslenitsa" and now annually spend it in their village. The group is the initiator of holidays, "Trinity," "Midsummer," "Nicholas", "Christmas." Adult group members - six women aged 18 to 41 years, the team also has a children's preparatory group, comprising 12 children aged 6 to 14 years.

Edge "Turtledove" is actively engaged in creative activity, his performances concerts and festivals adorn not only their village, district, and also the region. Over the years the band took part in the ongoing International Festival of Traditional Culture "penance" (Kharkiv), festivals "Christmas carol" (Rivne), "Prohorovskoe field" (Belgorod region)., "Krokovoye circle" (Kharkiv ). Team "Turtledove" won the festival ΙΙΙ etnomystetskoho "Pecheniz'ke box" in 2004, and was a member in 2007, 2008, 2009, in 2008. Ensemble "Turtledove" participated in 5 international festival "Summer Krasnaya", held in Chernyanka Belgorod region.

Amateur folk group "Kalynonka"
village Lyman Zmiivsky area.


Founded - 1990 and the title of "national" was awarded in 1998. The founder of the group was Tanya Shcherbak.

with the first part of 9 carriers of authentic traditions that have demonstrated a high level of national performance, the group earned considerable popularity in the Kharkiv region and Ukraine. Records released the band entered the Kiev creative association "Artveles" discs with recordings of masterpieces of the Ukrainian folklore. Lymantsi were the main characters of the two films: a documentary about singing Ukrainian culture and art based on the story "Yavdoha", the film directors O. Kharkiv path. Limanskii tradition devoted to a separate collection of ethnographic materials recorded in the village and published in seriyiyi "Murawski way" HOTSNT. In the active repertoire of the ensemble about 140 authentic songs and local ordinances. The group has its own phonorecordings his repertoire. Creative activities has documented regional, republican television and local press.

Amateur folk group group "Kalynonka" - a regular participant of regional and district events, international festivals of traditional folk culture "penance" etnofestivalyu "Pecheniz'ke field," Creative report Kharkiv region in Kiev and etc..

When the team is a group of child participants. Edge-satellite "Snowdrop" has existed since 2002, has its own repertoire and creative achievements. It is a winner of the regional children's festival-contest of traditional folk culture "Krokovoye circle", and regular participants of folk performances at district and regional areas. The head of children's collective Olga Kornienko from 2002 and became head of the adult.

Unfortunately, sometimes the older generation lymantsiv partially died, and partly lost the opportunity to participate in performances. Currently, the team appears in the new line, which includes women younger generation (50-60 years), they learn and adopt the tradition of his famous teacher.

Amateur folk ensemble "Berestyanochka"
village Berestovenka Krasnogradsky area.

Amateur folk ensemble Founded in 1985 by Berestovenkivskomu country club, the honorary title of "national" was awarded in 1990.

For 25 years, the team successfully revives and promotes folk song, rituals, customs and traditions of Russian immigrants in Orel province. Very interesting and original marriage ceremonies and wedding played oblivion with a team member. The rituals portrayed in today in the team. Along with Russian authentic material of the group members learn and perform Ukrainian lyrical and humorous songs. Total number of songs and ceremonial folklore includes over 300 units.

composition of the group: Adult group - 16 members and children's group - 6 members. The founder and permanent leader of the team is Histseva Anna, who personally collected the local repertoire and rozuchuvala its members.

The creative team works numerous district, regional, national and international reviews, festival holidays. Winner of the Second International Festival of Traditional Culture "penance", International folk and ethnographic festival "Slavic circle." The team represented the culture Slobodian at scientific conferences in Russia (Voronezh, Belgorod) and participated in many cultural activities at different levels.

Besides concert activity, "Berestyanochka" going along for a chat, according to the participants, "in byesyedu" where they talk, sing, remember the old lingering songs, stories, dealing with needlework.

Amateur folk ensemble "Slobozhan"
village Chkalovsk Chuguivsky area.

Amateur folk ensembleThe group formed in 1983 at Chkalovsk farmhouse culture," national "was awarded in 1991.

The repertoire of collective Ukrainian folk songs, folklore and ethnographic sacred ceremonies, played on the basis of local folklore material.

team consists of adult group - 17 members and children satellite group - 10 participants. The founder and permanent leader of the group - Dovgal Ludmila Demyanovna.

Team "Slobozhan" is one of the leading groups of the district, permanent guest of the regional measures of culture. The annual national and regional measures: "Great Slobozhansky Fair," "Wedding in Malinovka", festival of the "National Fair" International Festival "penance" etnofestivalyu "Pecheniz'ke the" others.

Amateur folk ensemble "Crimson well"
village robin Chuguivsky area.


team was founded in 1982 by Malinovsky rural home culture, then in 1990 received the title of "People"

repertory ensemble consists of local Malinovka songs and ceremonies, "Christmas", "Melanka Holiday," "Wedding in Malinovka" Kupalo ritual and sacred ceremonies "reaping," "Evenings."

The number of participants - 14 carriers of tradition. When the team created a children's band satellite "Kozachata" (20 persons). Leader and founder of the group - Honoured Worker of Culture Olga G. Yankov.

Initiated Yankov AG and support Chuguev district state administration in Chuhuyivschyni annually held festival "Wedding in Malinovka." Olga G. is a collector of local traditions, its materials are included in the editions of the series "Murawski way".

Amateur folk ensemble Folk Ensemble is active concert activity. The team - the winner and winner of numerous international, festival, "penance", "Pecheniz'ke field", "Fair" at many TV shows, including "Folkmyuzik." In 2001, Children's group traveled to the city Dobromyl Sambir district, Lviv region with concerts in 2002 under the auspices of the fund S.B.Havrysha took part in "Step to the Stars", Kyiv. Permanent member of regional festivals and competitions.

Amateur folk ensemble "Birch»
village Hetmanivka Shevchenko area.


Amateur folk ensemble Founded in 1986, working in agriculture Hetmanivskomu House of Culture. In 2005, the honorary title "People».

composition of the core team consists of eight members up to 77 years in the team is a group of children aged 10-15 years. Children's group participated in a regional children's festival-contest of traditional folk culture "Krokovoye Circle" (2001), as well as folk concerts in Kharkiv.

founder of the group and for many years as the former Cholombitko Alexander V., currently group is managed by Elena Dvornik.

The repertoire of the group - more than 150 multi-genre song samples. Recovered almost all the ancient rites and calendar of family and community cycle, namely kumlinnya ceremony at Trinity Driving goat Pancake, weddings, celebrating Midsummer, Christmas, Christmas Eve. Dramatized programs based on local material assistance in the collection which provides its own folklore group - Chairman of the Union of ethnographers and folklorists Kharkiv Natalia Oleinik, who hails from Hetmanivky. Much attention is paid to the group and the national costume, with stories of old-timers were reproduced elements of the old women's clothing, reconstructed traditional dress.

Amateur folk ensemble Today, folklore ensemble "Birch" known and popular not only in Shevchenkivshyni but also abroad. The team actively participates in international, regional and local cultural events. In recent years the group is almost constant leader of regional folk activities by criteria etnohrafichnosti, authenticity, careful restoration and honor the traditional elements of local rural culture. Folk ensemble "Birch" is a true keeper of our national values Slobozhansky.

Amatorski folk groups.


amateur folklore group "Kegichevsky pisnyarky»
village Kegichevka Kegichevsky area.

Amateur Folklore group The team created at the district House of Culture.

Manager Konoshko Anna G..

active member of local and regional events, participated in the International Festival of Traditional Culture "penance 2010" and Etnofestival "Pecheniz'ke field 2011".

successfully delivered at the solemn celebration of jugular (Ivano-Frankivsk region .., 2011)


amateur folklore group "Kyselyanochka"
c. Jelly Pervomaisky rayony

Amateur Folklore group amateur folklore group" Kyselyanochka "p. Jelly Pervomaisky district manager Hrystosova Nina.

Members of the group kept the authentic manner of performance, the repertoire - the ancient calendar and lyrical songs Slobodian.

Edge - a permanent member of local, regional and national events, festivals, "penance", "Pecheniz'ke field," "Today, John, and tomorrow Kupala".


amateur folklore ensemble "Zhuravushka»
Manuyilivskoho rural club Dergachivsky area.

amateur folklore ensemble "Zhuravushka» Manuyilivskoho rural club Dergachivsky area. Manager - Tokarenko Inga V..


amateur folklore ensemble "Kalinka"
c. Little Passages Dergachivsky area.

manager - Tatiana Fomina Afanasiyivna. The team with the group "Sloboda" village. N Lozova represents the tradition of Russian settlers Slobodian preserved authentic clothing 100 years ago.


amateur folklore ensemble "Zhuravka»
c. Chemuzhivka Zmiivsky area.

Manager - Pylypchuk Valery Lukyanovich.

Amateur folk group Russian folk song "Dubravushka»

Amateur folk group Russian folk song Krasnoznam'yanskoho rural club with. 4-Starovirivka Novovodolazhsky area. Manager - Ivleva Vera Ivanovna. The repertoire of the group - the local folklore of Russian settlers in the Kursk and Orel provinces of Russia.

Today the group - one imitator of the famous folk ensembles Kharkiv Soviet times. Under the guidance of NT Nartov group in 1983 received the title of "national". Participated in the All-Union reviews of folk art, in 1987, visited Moscow and recorded plate.

amateur folk ensemble village Cartama
Pervomaisky district

Manager - Shopina Natalia.

amateur vocal-folk ensemble «Well»
Pechenigy District House of Culture.

Manager - Nadezhda Fedorovna Panova.

amateur folklore ensemble "Kalina"
c. Petrovka Zolochiv District

amateur folklore ensemble "Kalina" p. Petrovka Zolochiv district manager Veretilnyk Larissa Prokopivna. The band performs lyrical, Cossack, humorous songs Zolochivschini, preserving the ancient style of singing.

amateur folklore ensemble "Sharivchanka" and a children's team-satellite "Dzhereltse».

Sharivskoho rural house culture Bogoduhivskogo District.

 folklornыy amateur ensemble The main composition groups - immigrants from Ukraine, so the repertoire is dominated by popular folk songs, partially implemented and local folklore.

At the same time each member-pereselenok remember and perform "their" tradition.

Leaders: Kulakova Olga and Alexander Saturday.

amateur folklore group "Keeper"
Pervomaisky district

p. Novoselivka Novovodolazhsky district manager Yaroshenko Lidia Ivanovna.

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