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Department of innovative cultural projects and international cooperation

Features of innovative cultural projects and international cooperation:

- monitoring and studying the state and international experience introducing innovative technologies in the fields of culture, development of proposals for its use in the Kharkiv region;

- organization and coordination of the development of innovative projects in the field of culture in the Kharkiv region;

- introduction and development of new forms, methods and technologies of cultural and leisure activities;

- the research and organizational work to attract grant funds of Ukrainian and international charities and other organizations to be used for: the modernization of cultural institutions of the region, implementation of social and cultural projects that would contribute to the integration of culture Kharkiv in Ukrainian and world culture space, research, preservation of traditional culture of the region;

- of information and methods of teaching and practical measures to improve the skills of workers of culture area (educational seminars, internships, workshops) on issues relevant to the department;

- of interregional and international cultural relations in the field of project activities in the field of culture and art.

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