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Amateur theater group
Dergachivsky District


Amateur theater group founded in 1925, VA Shilov. 30 years (from 1975 to July 2006) led the theater Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine Leonid Derkach, M.. In 1977, under the leadership of Leonid Nikolaevich play by Karpenko-Kary "misfortune" team won the title of "People».

This is one of the first amateur field. Unfortunately, in July 2006 Leonid Derkach N. departed this life. After his death in 2007-2009, led the national theater was Alexander Kashurin - disciple and follower of L. Derkach. From 1 January 2010 with the team works director and director of the theater - Valentin V. Shmyakov.

In 2010 Dergachevsky folk theater, which now bears the name L.Derkacha, celebrated the 85th anniversary. In theater now 13 actors. When it is a children's collective satellite Drama "Korotyshky" (16 persons). Manager - Tanya E. Shmyakova.

repertoire: "Tseluyu night nightingale we nasvystыval eyes rest or peace Chekhov's" story-based AP Chekhov, "Pohozhdenye soldier Ivan Chonkyna" - Vladimir Voinovich.

repertoire of children's collective-satellite "Adventures Nyeznayky and his friends" based on the story of Nikolai Nosov, "Learning from the world around them" - show etudes, "The Nicholas", "In Search of the New Year».

Theatre is at the RBC on the scene equipped, modern lighting and sound equipment.

team takes part in the regional competition of amateur theaters "On the wings of Melpomene," its actors more than once observed the competition in various categories, and in 2010 the contest ranked first on this show "Peace eyes rest Chekhov." < /p>

Amateur Theatre Festival "Ukrainian miniature»
Zolochiv District


team created in 1970 as a promotional and artistic team "golden kernel" artistic director Pysarivskoho Rural Culture House Zinaida Ivanovna Klimenko. In 1975 he was awarded the honorary title "People».

the early 90's, when agitation and artistic team have lost their relevance, team members began to work actively and performances in the genre of Ukrainian miniatures. This "Golden kernel" transformed into an amateur theatrical group "Ukrainian miniature." The peculiarity of the group is involved in it mainly male actors. This young and enthusiastic guys who are well versed in the mood.

repertoire: "Divine Comedy" - IM rod, "Trouble from gentle hearts" - V. Sologub, "At first bumps" - S. Vasilchenko, "Matchmaking for Honcharivka" - G. Flower-Osnovyanenko; "Rendezvous" - V. Ivashchenko, "Dytsadok-sornyachok" - from the repertoire of A. and B. Moyisyeyenka Daniltsa, "As Cossacks writing a letter to Turkish Sultan" - S. Klimenko.


This theater is a collective satellite Children's Studio Amateur group "Ukrainian miniature." The repertoire of children's team-companion: "Tales of Scheherazade».

adult staff consists of 20, children - 11.

Team - a regular participant of the Regional Festival Competition humor "Shelmenko welcomes" regional competition and amateur theaters "On the wings of Melpomene».

In 2005, the theater "Ukrainian miniature" said 35-year anniversary of the establishment.

Amateur Theatre Festival "Ray»
Lozova district


team in 1981 created Ludmila Alexandrovna Orobchenko. The title of "people's" theater won in 2005 due to persistence of all shareholders. The repertoire of mostly satirical play area. Ludmila Orobchenko - unsurpassed master of creating crowd scenes. Her crowd - a current living organism that is always admired.

Repertoire, "in Everyday Life," "Zhartivnytsya," "Chasing Two Hares", "Love Godmother" - Starytsky, "Dyachyha" - T. Sulyma, "American spy" - Moscow Monday, "The Night Before Christmas "- Gogol," On Fedota shooter swashbuckling young man "- L.Filatova," Pharaoh "- O.Kolomyytsya.

Together with an adult team is a children's theater group satellite "Rainbow».

repertoire of children's collective-satellite "Rainbow", "Mama" - literary and musical composition, "Well, Volk, weather! "- Chait, Kurlyandskyy," Multi-remote disco "- theatrical entertainment," Ob-Andryushke durachke and zakoldovannoy princess "," Koshkin dom "" Hen ripple, "" A zory still here "- Boris Vasiliev," Three sestrytsы under oknom "- miniature by A. Pushkin tale.

adult composition of 12 members, children - 10.

Theatre "Ray" - playing in regional and regional festivals and competitions and theatrical living room. In 2006, took third place in the competition of amateur theaters "On the wings of Melpomene," and at the regional festival competition of humor and satire "Shelmenko welcomes" playing theater group under Vladimir Morgun here already 2 years in succession struggles 1st place. < /p>

Amateur Theatre "Contemporary" of Pervomaysk


Youth Theatre "Contemporary" was created in September 1951 at the Pervomaisky district House of Culture. Over 50 years of its directors in different years were: Ivan Shyrinhin, Alexander Trotska, Tatiana G. Denisova.

For 40 years the artistic director of the team was Anatoly F. Byelchenko. In amateur theater collaborated People's Artist of Ukraine Evgeny Lysenko in the play M. Pogodin "Man with a gun." A lot of young talent to combine all their lives to the theater, becoming professional actors and kultpratsivnykamy.

In August 2001, the participants fully updated, changed the name of the team and the base on which it runs. Today the National Theatre "Contemporary" effectively operates on a PC "chemist" of Pervomaysk, and leads and inspires his pupil theater, a wonderful actress, director, specialty Alla Mechislavivna-whiskered Varvarchuk.

teatr02 Adult theater staff of 35 participants, children - 30.

Repertoire, "Natalka Poltavka" - Kotlyarevskyi, "Chasing Two Hares", "in Everyday Life" - Starytsky, "Forest Song" - Lesya Ukrainian, "Medved" - Chekhov, "Without vynы vynovatыe "- Alexander Ostrovsky," Hospozha mynystersha "- B. Nushycha," Victim of Fashion "- A.-whiskered Varvarchuk.

repertoire of children's collective-satellite "Sun", "Cinderella" based on C. Perrault, "I - tsыplenok, You - tsыplenok" - E. Chepovetskoho, "Bold minute", "Christmas loaf" - Karasyeva, "Away in smishynky, "" The Tale of Katri "- M. burnt.

team-permanent member of the regional competition of amateur theaters "On the wings of Melpomene." In 2006 he took third place for participating in this event. Actors team also participate in the regional festival competition of humor "Shelmenko welcomes." Not once were the winners of the popular and famous contest

Amateur Theatre "Mirror +»
Pervomaisky district


Team "Mirror" established in 1980 at the Pervomaisky House District Pioneers talented director, a certified specialist Tatiana G. Denisova.

Since 1992, the team worked on a PC "chemist" of Pervomaysk and slightly changed its name - "Mirror +". The composition of its members were aged 5 to 60 years ago could conquer any repertoire. Thus, in 1995, play "Atы-batы" (a novel B. Vasilyev "number will not be znachytsya"), theater defended the title "People».

Since 2002, the theater operates at Pervomaisky district House of Culture.

In 2005 the play "Watch Publyke vospreschaetsya" J. Marsan Theatre "Mirror +" celebrated its 25th anniversary.


Tatyana Denisova

with his team started in the 90's festival of amateur theaters "Wheel", which gathered groups of Kharkiv, were guests of Rivne.

This team has always celebrated its not the standard repertoire, which tends to a world of dramatic classics.

currently has 14 adult staff members and children - 12. Repertoire: "Poloumnyy Jourdain" - Mikhail Bulgakov, "Train of Life" - O. Henry, "The Coast men" - Chekhov, "Publyke Watch vospreschaetsya"-Zh.Marsana, "Kroshka Tsakhes on prozvanyyu Tsynnober" - E.T . A. Hoffmann.

repertoire of children's collective-satellite "Anchutka" - B. Metelnikova, "good things" - TG Denisova, "Medvezhata in the city" - M. Polivanov, "Uncle Theodore, dog and cat" - E. Assumption .

At the regional competition

amateur theaters "On the wings of Melpomene" in 2004 the team won first place, and TG Denisov noted in the "Best Director».

Amateur theater group
Shevchenko District


Youth Theatre Shevchenko District House of Culture in April 1982 created the graduate director department of Kharkiv State Academy of Culture Vladimir Chorny, who headed it until 1995. In October 1984 the theater was awarded the honorary title of "People." From 1982 to 1993 the head of the team V.Chornym was staged by the various mass theatrical festivals and theater performances.

From 1995 to 2002, the team headed south Vinnichenko. During this period, people's theater group also took active part in district and regional public events. With the advent of a new Head of Culture V. Storozhenko the 2002 team national theater has been drastically updated.

In 2003, the national team again led the VI Brown. Since 2007, the management team took over N. Ponamarova - VI student Black and Y. After. During this period, staff participated in various district and regional events, theater pieces and ritual festivals, thematic meetings to memorable dates.

adult staff consists of 10 staff members and children - 8. Repertoire: "Love rolled trёm Orange" - M.Svyetlova, "Chasing Two Hares"-M. Starytsky, "Audit" - M.Kropyvnytsky, "Wedding Krechinsky"-O.Suhovo-Kobylin, "Two poodles" - S. Zlotnikov, "Tale of Fedota-streltsa, swashbuckling young man" - L. Filatov, "Romeo and Juliet "- W. Shakespeare," The first bumps "- S.Vasylchenka," A zory still here "- Boris Vasilyev.


repertoire of children's collective-satellite "snow queen" - S. Schwartz, "Golden Chicken" - M.Svyetlova, "flying boat" - based on folk tales.

Team - winner of the regional and regional festivals. He was awarded the Grand Prix Festival Competition humor and satire "Shelmenko welcomes" 2001, regional competition of amateur theaters "On the wings of Melpomene" for show "Tale of Fedota-streltsa, swashbuckling young men" (2004).

record on the theater room are always with the same success

National Theatre "Focus" Elitnyanskoho BC
Kharkiv region

focus Theatre "Focus" was established in 1974 at the BC p. Elite Anatoly Nikolayevich Grebenyuk, which has since been changed manager and director.

main warehouse staff are members of amateur culture house and farm workers' Elitnoye ».

The purpose of theater is to promote theater among the inhabitants of the village and enable them to express their creativity.

focus Under the group "Focus" was presented to the court audience of more than 20 performances.

lot of attention in his work team devotes part in theatrical concerts, mass celebrations (fairs, celebrating the New Year, Midsummer, "Farewell Winter" and others).

Together with an adult team is a children's theater group satellite "Zerkalo».

In the adult theater - 18 actors in a children's team now has 8 members.

exemplary children's theater-studio "Miracles in the sieve" Pisochynskoho BC
Kharkiv region

miracles in the sieve Theatre "Miracles in the sieve" was created in 1994 graduate of the Kharkov Institute of Culture, director of specialty Natalya Ustinov. It taught students from 4 years.

Children's Theatre brings together the main group of actors and preparations. The aim of the studies are raising children as human, humanistic values by means of theater.

leading idea of theater is to work with gifted children, which aims to develop their individual abilities, talents and talents.

In 2009 the theater was awarded the title of "model».

Theatre is a member of a general settlement and city events, the member county, city, regional, national, International Children Festival.

miracles in reshete1 I have taken place in the International Festival in Cologne "Reynskye zvёzdы" - 2010. Regional competition readers of amateurs "Eternal Word Poet» - I place.

In 2011 at the International Festival "Yantarnaya star" (Lithuania) received the nomination "For a bright debut." In the same year in district competition "Dyvohray" took I place.

Warehouse Theatre - 70 participants.

current repertoire: "Yes zdravstvuet kukaryamba" - V. Korolёv, "All mыshy lyubyat sыr" - D. Urbant, "Dikanka" - Nikolai Gogol.