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Обласний організаційно-методичний центр культури і мистецтва

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Structure and Administration

 1 085 31

Director of "Kharkiv Regional Organizing and Methodical Center of Culture and Art"

 Lagutina Vira Olexandrivna

(tel. 725-12-35

fax. 725-12-36)

1 147 1 167x250

Deputy Director
for cultural work

Semikopenko Irina Ivanivna

(tel. 725-12-40)

 1 1609

Deputy Director
for administrative work

Sidorenko Anna Oleksiivna

(tel. 780-89-07


 1111 3



Deputy Director for Media Communications

and Information Activities

Horbel Kostyantyn Volodymyrovych

(tel. 725-12-44)













Chief Accountant

 Shevchenko Alina Sergeevna

(tel. 725-12-51)




 3 1609

Financial and economics department

Head of Department

Koval Natalia Vitalievna

(tel. 725-12-45)



Department of Arts and Crafts


Head of Department

Pedan Natalia Valentinivna

(tel. 725-12-48)

Department of Modern Art "Art of Slobozhanschina"


Head of Department

Afanasiev Oleksandr Serhiyovych

(tel. 717-10-40



Department of methodical work

DSC 0263 2 copy 

Head of Department

Akimenko Elena Stanislavovna

 (tel. 725-12-41)


Department of Innovative Cultural Projects and International Cooperation

Бугайченко Оксана Григорьевна

Head of Department

Bugaichenko Oksana Grigorievna

(tel. 725-12-44)

Media and Information department

f7 copy copy 

Head of Department

Shevchenko Victoria Olexandrivna

(тел. 725-12-53)



Personnel department 


2 1609 

Head of Department

Dobroshtan Aelita Vladimirovna

(tel. 725-12-43)