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Exhibition In Memory of Art Photographer Vyacheslav Sulima - September 23 - October 15, 2011

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Загадквий ХарківThe exhibition on mysterious Kharkov has been planned for June, this year. Vyacheslav did not manage to prepare it, and these were his relatives and friends who have been engaged in arrangement. And only on September 23rd, 2011, the exhibition has been opened in the Slobozhanshchina Art gallery of the Kharkiv Regional Organizing and Methodical Centre of Culture and Art, but the title is In Memory of Art Photographer Vyacheslav Sulima.

Зинаїда Костянтинівна (зліва) та директор центру Тетяна Іщенко «When we initially have discussed the exhibition subject with Vyacheslav, we’ve decided to show the Kharkiv landscapes. His landscapes are so unusual, performed in a mode of infra-red image that gives mysteriousness to familiar city landscapes, at times one even doesn’t recognize which place is this”, - Tatyana Ishchenko, the director of the Kharkov Regional Organizing and Methodical Centre of Culture and Art, has told at opening of the exhibition. - But two weeks before the planned date, Vyacheslav suddenly died, he didn’t manage to arrange the exhibition, and we had to select, unpack and arrange his works ourselves. This was uneasy to do, as Vyacheslav had many photos. I suppose, he would have liked how we made it».

Дівчинка - лютий As it is the first exhibition of this art photographer, the organizers have decided to present several cycles which would characterise the author as comprehensively as possible. Besides the images of old mysterious Kharkov, the series of musical instruments and flowers, East horoscope embodied in images of graceful women, children's portraits for calendars, representing 12 months, lyrical landscapes of Venice are presented here as well. «You know, I have newly discovered my own son today, - the photographer’s mum, Zynaida Konstantinovna, says weepingly. - Of course, I knew what he is engaged in, I haven't been aware that this is such beauty, the real art».

Так багато відвідувачів на відкритті виставки у галереї ще не було Zynaida Konstantinovna says that Slava got passion to photos from his father. «It might have transferred genetically, his father also liked to make photos, he passed away in tragic circumstances many years ago. And Slava was engaged in photographing since his school years, and I was always called to school, there was always something wrong with what he photographed, and I was scolded for that, - Zynaida Konstantinovna recollects. – He was technically savvy, after all, he graduated from the aviation institute. But he worked not for long in his speciality. He was into photographing. Gradually he built himself a studio, bought an apartment in the centre of Kharkov, made repair, and equipped it. He repeated all time that he should work only for himself, this was his purpose».

IMG_1568 While we talked to Zynaida Konstantinovna, people were approaching us all the time, giving flowers to the woman, thanking for her son, recollecting stories of life.

Важко було впізнати знайомі куточки Харкова у бачені В'ячеслава Суліми“He was a very cheerful person, sanguine, easy. Many people came to him for relief, he was able to calm down, console, appease, - the spouses Ania and Vlad Malyshevs talk over each other. – He made photos of our wedding 10 years ago, and then our daughter Nastia also became his model”. “And I’d rather learnt his fitness to work, - a photographer Vasiliy Kutia tells.

Фото з циклу «Музичні інструменти» He photographed much. Slava’s place was the first real photo studio which I saw. By the way, I have suggested one of the models for his east horoscope, these are the images of year of the Rat and the Rooster, see? That time we took the photo of this girl together. But you know, the same girl, the same studio, still the images turned out absolutely different».

Unusual look on familiar places of Kharkov, which you don’t even recognize at once, Vyacheslav has performed by means of effect of the infra-red image. This is the good old effect, special infra-red film has been used earlier, now computer programs are available, but this should have been seen right in this manner at first, so that to give real mysteriousness to the usual Kharkiv landscapes. You can see this yourself till October, 15th - the exhibition can be observed Tuesdays to Saturdays, 11.00 to 19.00 (no dinner hour) in the Slobozhanshchina Art gallery (Derzhprom, 4th entrance, ground floor).

Author: Natalia VASILYEVA

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